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District reduces limits on free garbage bags at waste facilities

A message from the District of Muskoka

As part of the District of Muskoka’s Waste Management Strategy, a reduction in weekly no-charge garbage bag limits at waste facilities begins the week of April 4, 2022.

The changes were approved by the District Council in December 2021 as part of the waste management strategy and roadmap for 60% diversion. Reducing waste is key to extending the life of Muskoka’s last landfill and ensuring safe, long-term management of our waste.

In 2020, the district landfilled more than 32,000 tons (that’s more than 70 million pounds) of trash, with the average person in Muskoka throwing away about 760 pounds of “stuff” alone.

“Environmental protection has always been a top priority for Muskoka and our residents,” said Fred Jahn, Commissioner of Engineering and Public Works. “Changes like this will encourage us to think differently about what we throw away. By using our blue box or green bin and increasing diversion, we can reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions and, most importantly, extend the life of our one landfill.

Changes to waste facilities from April 4, 2022

As part of Muskoka’s Roadmap to 60%, beginning April 4, 2022, the weekly no-charge bagged household garbage limit will be reduced to two bags from three.

Hours of operation remain normal, but seasonal hours for some waste management facilities change in May.

More updates to come

During the district’s waste management strategy consultation, residents consistently relayed messages about the importance of caring for Muskoka’s environment and supporting waste reduction. Changes in how we manage waste and divert materials from the Rosewarne landfill, including food and organic waste, are one answer and will bring lasting benefits to our community.

The District will have more information about timelines and program changes soon and will let you know before they happen.

To find out what goes where, visit or download the free Muskoka Recycles mobile app and try the Waste Management Wizard. Watch for more tips, tools and resources to come.

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