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First look as Love Island villa rocked by shock dump tonight

Love Island is set to take a dramatic turn tonight as a contestant is dropped from the villa just 48 hours after the show started.

Last night, bombshell Chloe Burrows received a text that read, “Chloe, it’s time for you to choose which boy you want to date.

“All Islanders must now gather around the hearth. #UpForGrabs #StealTheShow”

But while the show ended in a cliffhanger, earlier today it was revealed that an islander would be kicked out, which is the first spill ever in the show. You can find out more here.

And in scenes airing tonight, Chloe reveals who she wants to date, ultimately leaving another girl unmarried.

Shortly after, the girl in question receives a text message revealing that she has been dumped from the villa.

First look as Love Island villa rocked by shock dump tonight

While viewers will have to wait for tonight’s episode to find out who left the show, a preview seems to suggest two girls have been left out.

**Warning spoilers ahead**

In a preview for tonight’s show, Sharon invites Hugo over for a chat as the tension mounts and Kaz and Toby enjoy their first date.

“I’m annoyed that we’re a couple, we share a bed together and you have [Hugo] hasn’t had a conversation with me since,” Sharon tells Kaz before her conversation with Hugo.

Speaking on day beds later that day, Sharon told Hugo: “I knew from the start that I wasn’t your type and that’s perfectly fine.

“What annoys me is that I feel like you’re avoiding me and not talking to me.”

Kaz and Sharon discuss

Toby and Kaz go on their first date

Responding, Hugo replies: “I’m not funny but there really hasn’t been time.

“I’m so sorry for making you feel like I was leaving you cold. I certainly wasn’t avoiding you and I don’t want you to feel like that.”

Meanwhile, Toby and Kaz go on their first date.

The islanders are relaxing at the villa when Toby receives a text message that reads, “Toby and Kaz. It’s time for your first date. Get ready to leave the villa. #SheShoots #HeScores.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.