Resort facilities

Oregon Cryonics is one of the few cryopreservation facilities in the United States

Project: Medical

Location: 3265 Marietta Street SE

The description: Construction of a medical and research complex including a medical software development company and a brain preservation cryonics facility is underway in South Salem.

According to the City of Salem Archives, the construction of a three-story building is part of an incremental development to accommodate five buildings, including corporate headquarters, and research and development buildings for Open Dental Software, facilities for medical office and a warehouse.

The man behind the project, dentist Jordan Sparks, is the owner of Open Dental Software and Oregon Cryonics, one of the few cryonics facilities in the country.

According to the company’s website, they offer head cryopreservation for $28,000. The procedure is performed in the hope that in the future, advances in technology will allow long-dead brains to be revived with their memories intact.

Oregon Cryonics is licensed by the State of Oregon as a Transplant-Free Anatomical Research Recovery Organization, which allows the nonprofit organization to use the Uniform Anatomical Donation Act to legally accept body and tissue donations.

Oregon Cryonics also provides services to preserve the brains of pets.

Source: City of Salem Permit Records

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