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Shaughna Phillips says Love Island villa food is ‘hazardous’

Contestant Shaughna Phillips got candid about her the island of love experience, saying the villa food is ‘hit and miss’.

the winter love island The contestant visited the villa in January 2020 alongside Paige Turley and Callum Jones, when the show took place in South Africa.

In a new YouTube video, as well as opening up about the intense ‘body prep’ she underwent before heading to the show, the 25-year-old also opened up about what the food was like in the Villa.

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“We make our own breakfast, there’s not a lot of choice,” she told her followers. “When I first walked in there, I tried to watch what I was eating. Three or four days later, I didn’t care. Not just that, but what time we were eating. We would have a Pot Noodle at 2 or 3 a.m. The producers didn’t tell us, “No guys, it’s not time yet. We used to eat because it was the only thing we had control over.”

Speaking about food availability, Shaughna continued that “there were never so many good snacks” before saying that lunch and dinner were “hit and miss”. It was like school dinners. You used to have breakfasts and desserts. lunch time was mint ice cream. This mint ice cream was like frozen toothpaste.


While previous contestants revealed their habit of in-villa takeout, Shaughna says she only had “two or three. We had McDonald’s once, we had pizza.”

In response, ITV told Cosmopolitan UK: “The majority of islanders’ meals are catered and we always ensure they are nutritionally balanced.”

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