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Where is Love Island Villa 2021 located, can you rent it and how much does it cost?

June 28, 2021, 6:27 PM

The Love Island villa is available for rent.

Image: ITV2

With Love Island finally back on our screens, viewers are once again wondering if you can rent the Cardassars’ Sant Llorenc villa yourself.

the island of love is back with a whole new line-up to keep us glued to our TV screens all summer, and it’s not just the contestants that have us talking – the villa itself is almost as impressive as the six members. of distribution.

As well as being an idyllic romantic vacation spot, the villa is the perfect party spot thanks to its hot tub, infinity pool and six double beds.

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But can you rent and stay in the the island of love villa, and where is it? Here’s everything you need to know…

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The Love Island villa has become iconic.

Image: ITV2

Villa Love Island offers incredible views

The Love Island villa offers an incredible view.

Image: ITV2

Where is the the island of love villa in Mallorca?

The 2021 the island of love The villa is located on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca in Sant Llorenc, Cardassar in the east of the island – a small village surrounded by fields and countryside far from the most touristic sites.

Given its hidden location, ITV2 is able to film away from all passers-by, keeping these bombs a secret!

Can you rent the the island of love Villa?

While the precise location of the the island of love villa in Majorca is kept secret, holidaymakers can apparently rent the house but it will cost you a lot of money.

There is also a huge waiting list of guests eager to have their own the island of love experience.

How much does it cost to rent the the island of love Villa?

A stay in the the island of love villa will set you back £3,000 for a week’s stay, according to this report.

Although those prices have undoubtedly gone up given the weird times we are living in these days.

The Love Island Villa 2021

The Love Island villa 2021.

Image: ITV2

Love Island's dressing room is where all the gossip goes

Love Island’s dressing room is where all the gossip happens.

Image: ITV2

Casa Amor is available for rent, but is even more expensive

Casa Amor is available for rent, but it is even more expensive.

Photo: Villa Retreats

Where is Casa Amor and can you rent it?

Casa Amor would be a short walk from the main street the island of love Villa. You can also rent it for a vacation, but it’s even more expensive than the main villa.

Named Arta East and South East, the lavish villa would cost between £4,572 and £8,128 for a week, depending on which month you choose to book it.

The four-bedroom pad sleeps up to eight people and has five bathrooms and a private pool.

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